Our Story

Three riders got together to build the ultimate helmet. Their plan? To re-invent action sports, one product at a time.

Here’s how it went down:

  1. 1
    Unit1 designing Soundshield™

    We designed
    & built our

    We went back to the drawing board for this one and created - from scratch - the best way to ride with music.

    After 3 years of sketching, building, breaking & testing, SOUNDSHIELD was born.

  2. 2 Unit1 Indiegogo

    We validated it

    We put SOUNDSHIELD on Indiegogo to see if it was as cool as we thought - since we were clearly biased - and got an amazing reception both from users and press. Just what we needed to push on and take U1 to the next level.

  3. 3 Unit1 in leAD program

    We got into the
    leAD program

    Out of 500 applicants, we made it into the Sports Accelerator Program run by the Adidas family. Founded by the grandchildren of Adi Dassler, leAD aims at keeping his legacy alive...and we get to help do that. So. Cool.

  4. 4 Manufacturing Unit1 Soundshield™ in China

    We setup our
    in china

    After some serious upgrades under leAD’s wing, we took on China by the horns and emerged victorious: world-class suppliers who were willing -and able- to take on the challenge of building a product outside any box one can think of.

Only the beginning

And that’s it so far - actually, this is only the beginning of a super long journey - so stay tuned as we try to make a dent in the action sports industry. Feel free to drop us a line, say hi, we’d love your feedback..our fuel to keep going is the words of encouragement from riders around the world.

Men skiing with Unit1 Soundshield™
Unit1 team

As always, keep it loud.