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  • General

    What is Soundshield?
    Soundshield™ is a snow sports helmet with detachable, wireless headphones, all seamlessly integrated into one, awesome looking combo. It’s our version of what music on the slopes should've always been.
    Why is Soundshield better than an audio kit that works on any helmet?
    Audio kits usually fail in either audio quality or interface (inability to control music with gloves on). Either way, after riding, the audio kit becomes obsolete, a dead product sitting inside a helmet. Soundshield provides Hi-Fi audio quality never before seen in a helmet, a unique interface that allows full control with gloves on – the kicker? After riding you simply detach the headphones for whatever else may follow.
    Does Soundshield have warranty?
    Yes. It comes with a 1-year warranty.
    What happens if either my helmet or my headphones break down?
    If your helmet or headphones break down, we’ll be happy to sell them to you separately, at a special price.
    Can I buy helmet or headphones separately?
    No. Soundshield is the combination of helmet and headphones, and none of them can be bought separately. However, if you have already purchased Soundshield and either your helmet or headphones break down, we’ll be happy to sell them to you separately, at a special price.
    Do I need special goggles for Soundshield?
    No, you don’t. Soundshield is compatible with almost every goggle in the market.
    Should I use my goggles underneath Soundshield?
    Not necessary. Goggles can be used underneath or on top of Soundshield.
    Does Soundshield have a goggle clip?
    Yes. Soundshield comes with a goggle clip. Removable, so if you don’t need one you can leave it out.
  • Fit & Comfort

    I feel pressure on my ears with the helmet on, is that normal?
    Assuming your helmet is the right size, it’s quite common to experience pressure with a new helmet. Like a brand new pair of shoes, it needs to be worn a bit (the shell, the padding and the headphones will soften up considerably with ome use). Also, remember you can use the thin ear pads on the headphones for some extra room around the ears.
    My ears get crammed when I put the helmet on!
    No biggie, once it’s on, use your hand to set your ears comfortably inside the helmet.
    A good trick to prevent this is to use a facemask and cover your ears, the helmet will slide right in.
    And don’t be afraid to open up the helmet when putting it on, it can take it!
  • Docking

    How are headphones inserted into the helmet?
    Headphones are inserted into the helmet through our patented QUAD4LOCK™ system. This beauty joins helmet & headphones into one seamless combo.
    When I remove the headphones from the helmet, is there going to be a hole on each side of the helmet?
    Of course not! Soundshield comes with a pair of ear covers.
  • Helmet

    Is the helmet adjustable?
    Yes. Soundshield comes with a rear fitting system for an extra size-adjustment.
    May I use the helmet to practice other sports other than snowsports?
    NO. Soundshield was designed and tested for snowsports. Do not wear Soundshield outside the resort, and specially not on the streets.
  • Safety

    Is the helmet safe?
    Yes. Soundshield features an ABS Hardshell construction and complies with certifications ASTM 2040 and EN1077B.
    Is it safe to listen to music while you ski or ride?
    Music has been a part of action sports for years. But, like most things, there’s a time and a place: if you’re doing a tree run alone (not a problem), if you’re going through a busy slope (better pause to be aware of your surroundings). The problem with audio kits today is they have bad or no controls, so you can’t pause music even when you know you should. With Soundshield we eliminate the awareness problem: our glove-proof controls ensure you can quickly pause your music when the situation calls for it. You are in full control of your awareness.
  • Audio & Headphones

    How good is the audio quality?
    With 40 mm drivers tweaked for deep bass and crisp highs, you’ll find the headphones deliver quite a punch.
    Granted, these are not $500 studio headphones, but they will deliver hi-fi sound on places you wouldn’t dare take your super expensive indoor headsets.
    Does the cold hurt audio or battery performance?
    Nope. Soundshield has been tested at -25°C without any issues.Are the headphones resistant to hits or falls?
    Are the headphones resistant to hits or falls?
    Even though we usually fall on our heads, shoulders or body (rather than our ears), the Soundshield headphones have been designed for tough use. They employ resistant materials and are built to endure tough conditions.
    Are headphones water resistant?
    Yes, they are IPX-4 rated, which means they’re good for snow and even rain (just don’t take them swimming!).
    How do I charge the headphones?
    Headphones are charged via a single port with the provided USB-2.4mm plug. A full charge takes about 4 hours (you’ll know cause the light will turn white).
    How long does the battery last for?
    Battery lasts approximately for 16 hours.
    What happens when the headphones run out of battery?
    If they run out of battery, you can keep going by plugging the headphones to your phone with the provided auxiliary cable. This only works with standalone headphones (not inside the helmet).
  • Connectivity

    Is Soundshield compatible with Spotify or Apple Music?
    Yes, Soundshield is both compatible with Spotify and Apple Music. You can stream music through any platform as long as its through your device.
    Is Soundshield compatible with Apple Watch?
    Yes, Soundshield is compatible with Apple Watch.
    Does Soundshield have a microphone?
    Yes, Soundshield comes with a built-In mic.
  • Warranty & Returns

    What’s your Return Policy?
    If for any reason, you do not like the product, you have up to 30 days from the date of delivery to return it back to us. We'll refund your money after we receive the product back in our warehouse. All items must be returned unused, and in the original packaging – shipping box included -. We do not offer free returns or exchanges. You are responsible for shipping the item back at your own expense. Returns will be refused if items arrive used or damaged due to improper packaging. Please ensure returns are carefully packaged. In special Sales such as Pre-Sale, Black Friday, Christmas or End of Season, Returns will be handled on a case by case basis.
    Can I replace a damaged helmet?
    Yes you can, and it’s actually recommended: if you hit the helmet hard, its impact-absorption capabilities may be significantly reduced, even if it doesn’t show signs of external damage. We recommend our users to change the helmet after an impact. Just write us an email to [email protected] and we’ll give you a special discount reserved only for U1 Helmet owners.
    What if I lose something? Can it be replaced?
    Yes you can: if you lose your cables, ear pads, ear covers or goggle clip, just shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll set you up with new ones at a special discount.
    What’s the Warranty on the Product?
    Unit 1 gear, Inc. warrants to the original purchaser of this product that the product is free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the original date of purchase. This warranty does not apply to defects of physical damage resulting from abuse, neglect, improper repair, improper fit, alterations, or use unintended by the manufacturer. If your SOUNDSHIELD™ is found to be defective in materials or workmanship within one year from the date of purchase, Unit 1 gear will at its sole option either repair or replace the helmet free of charge. Unit 1 gear does not warranty any helmet damaged due to heat or contact with solvents. This warranty does not affect your statutory rights. This warranty is in lieu of all other agreements and warranties, general or special, express or implied and no representative or person is authorized to assume liability on behalf of Unit 1 gear, Inc. in connection with the sale or use of this product.
    Except as provided herein, Unit 1 gear, Inc. provides no express warranties, or any implied warranty, including without limitation any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Except as provided herein, Unit 1 gear, Inc. shall have no liability or responsibility to the purchaser or any other person or entity with respect to any liability, loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by use of the product, including, but not limited to, any incidental or consequential damages.
    *Warranty may vary from country to country, please see your product manual for the exact Warranty on your product.
    I damaged my helmet or headphones with an impact, are they covered by the Warranty?
    Our Warranty only covers manufacturing defects. Helmets or headphones that are damaged by impact are not covered by our Warranty, but can be replaced at a discount.

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