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Wearing Unit1 Soundshield™ Stealth in snow
THIS IS SOUNDSHIELD Helmet. Headphones. Combo.
Skiing with Unit1 Soundshield™ Stealth
BE AMONG THE FIRST Pre-Sale coming October 16th
Wearing Unit1 Soundshield™ Panda in snow
Never skip a beat. Wireless, hi-fi audio.
Unit1 Soundshield™ Helmet and Headphones
Change the way you ride
Music. Sport Interface. Awesome visuals.
Snowboard riding with Unit1 Soundshield™ RIDE LOUD Play. Ride. Stand out.
Living with Unit1 Soundshield™ Headphones LIVE LOUD Bold. Wireless. Rugged.
Mountains and snow environment Unit1 Soundshield™ Glove Proof Dial Unit1 Soundshield™ Oversized Button
Sports Interface

Glove-proof, instant control

Every time
Docking System

Rock solid,
yet easy to use

QUAD4LOCK™ This beaut joins helmet & headphones into one seamless combo.
Wearing Unit1 Soundshield™ Headphones

From the slopes, to the streets.

Ride. Detach. Unleash.
Unit1 Soundshield™ Headphones

Packin' a punch

16 HS Battery Life
40 MM Drivers Hifi sound
Built In Mic Take / make calls
Sweat & Splash Resistant
Removable Earpads
Rugged Build
Unit1 Soundshield™ Headphones Right Ear Detail
Unit1 Soundshield™ Headphones
Unit1 Soundshield™ Headphones Left Ear Detail

Don't leave your music behind.

Unit1 Soundshield™ Unboxed
Inside look


  1. Helmet
  2. Wireless Headphones
  3. Ear Covers
  4. Slim Ear Pads
  5. Goggle Clip
  6. Charging Cable
  7. Auxiliary Cable
  8. User Manual
  9. Decals
  10. Travel Bag


All there is to know about Soundshield™.



  • Ears & temple protection
  • QUAD4LOCK - Patented docking system
  • Rear Fitting frame
  • Fixed dual ventilation
  • Removable Goggle Clip
  • Removable ear pad set
  • Beanie-ready


  • ABS Hardshell construction
  • EPS Liner
  • Size: S51-54cm / M55-58cm / L59-62cm
  • Weight: S 500 g. / M 500g / L 540 g
  • Certifications: ASTM 2040, EN1077B



  • Dial volume control
  • Single button track control
  • Hi-Fi Sound
  • Rugged construction
  • Sweat&Splash resistant
  • Built in mic
  • Backup audio jack


  • 40mm drivers
  • Lithium-ion battery: 16 hour play time
  • Bluetooth 4.2 wireless
  • Charge via 2.5mm jack
  • Size: 120 x 60 x 180 mm
  • Weight: 200 g.


Our Proactive approach

Is music while riding safe?

Know More

Is music while riding safe?

Music has been a part of action sports for years, and there’s no changing that. The problem with music on the slopes today comes from bad interfaces.

A bad interface means it’s such a hassle to pause your music or lower the volume, that you end up not doing it, becoming unaware of your surroundings even if you don’t want to.

Maybe you’re riding the chairlift with some friends and you want to join the conversation or hitting a slope with too much people in it..better to pause your tunes, right? Too bad.. your hand will freeze over, or your phone will fall out. At least that happened to us for years.

What about the helmet?

SOUNDSHIELD’s ABS hard shell and EPS liner were designed to keep you safe. The helmet is compliant with ASTM 2040 and EN 1077B Certifications.