The Unit 1 Helmet Ski & snowboard helmet with detachable headphones. Buy Now
Unit1 Soundshield™ Headphones
Glove-proof Controls
Detach After Riding
Walkie Talkie App
Wireless HI-FI Audio
  • “The clever design eliminates the issue of an audio kit or earbuds slamming uncomfortably against your ears.”
  • “This brand is changing the way you listen to music both on and off the hill.”
  • “Soundshield lets you to listen to music or take a phone call even while wearing your thickest ski gloves.”
Unit 1 Black White Ski Helment Best Snow Gear
Stealth or Panda

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  • “The big button is a win... I do everything with gloves on.”
  • “Music is great, but keeping your head safe comes first. I love that this helmet does both.”
  • “The walkie-talkie app allows our entire group to stay connected on the hill.”

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Unit 1 Ski Helment With Audio Speakers Headphone
Helmet with speakers? Think again.

Ski & Snowboard helmet with headphones

The UNIT 1 Helmet: Audio & communication on the slopes, done right.